What do you think about the new ending?
Why we cant see Natsus face?
What are the animatores thought when they created the ending?
Do you really think, the ending shows F!Lucy and F!Natsu??

My whole life i watched shounen animes and my biggest dream was that the Hero and the heroine fall in love with each other. But this dream never come true until Mashima come!

Oh thank you Mashima for Action, Humor, sadness, Adventures, Fantasy and Romance!!!!

Thx you for the couples and for this love!
In my opinion is love an important thing and it should be in every project. Its more realistic!!!

Thx You Mashima!!!!!


Fairy Tail S2 Ending

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And she blushes again


Compare and Contrast

Nalu - Chapter 379 
Be honest!
She blushes in the presence of Natsu everytime!!! 
Tooo cute ~~